11 Oct
Tackling the menace of cell phone distraction
Tackling The Menace of Cell Phone Distraction
Category: rideview, Video Telematics
In the first video, the driver is continually looking down. In the second video, the driver is looking at something on the phone while driving. In the third video, the driver is...
18 Aug
Camera Health 2.0 The secret to scaling video telematics successfully. (1)
Camera Health 2.0: The Secret to Scaling Video Telematics Successfully
Category: rideview, Video Telematics
Video telematics market is in a great place right now - there is a lot of demand from fleets and as in any great market, fleets have a lot of choice. Telematics service provider...
27 Sep
LightMetrics Inc - ML Engineering Banner Image - LightMetrics ML Blog
Never a boring day – ML engineering @ LightMetrics
Category: Uncategorized
For someone who loves challenges, working on ML is a new challenge every day – no one day is the same as the other. At the start of a new project, there is a lot of excite...