21 Jun
Reducing work zone accidents
Reducing work zone accidents
Category: Fleet Safety, RideView Growth, Sp...
27 Apr
Why Video Telematics Adoption Is On The Rise
Why Video Telematics Adoption Is On The Rise
Category: Fleet Safety, Video Telematics
21 Mar
How to effectively combat driver fatigue
How to Effectively Combat Driver Fatigue
Category: Driver Coaching and Safety, Fleet...
Feeling fatigued is a common human experience. However, it is important to note that fatigue can impair your daily activities and lead to drowsiness. In today’s hustle cul...
22 Feb
Types of driver distractions and what fleets can do about them
Types of Driver Distractions and What Fleets Can Do About Them
Category: Driver Coaching and Safety, Fleet...
The average human attention span while driving is found to be around 20 minutes! What happens when their attention runs out? They seek distractions. This is a troubling thought ...
19 Jan
RideView Goes Global
Category: Video Telematics
The growth of RideView as a platform has closely mirrored the increasing maturity of video telematics in the North American market over the previous 5 years – from Wi-Fi d...
28 Jul
Companion apps on iOS and Android
Companion apps on iOS and Android: A refresh, and a faster way to deploy
Category: Uncategorized
We have spoken before about the centrality of companion apps to the driver experience with a video telematics solution. Companion apps are veritable Swiss Army knives, in the ra...
17 Jun
Coaching workflows
Coaching workflows for fleet managers and drivers
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The advent of AI-based video telematics solutions has made real-time driver coaching possible. ADAS and DMS-based event detection algorithms can detect risky situations and aler...