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Discover the intersection of safety and savings with AI-powered video telematics. Protect fleets from nuclear verdicts and promote safer driving through personalised coaching.

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RideView caters specifically to the needs of Telematics Service Providers (TSPs) and trucking OEMs, enabling them to rapidly meet the growing demand for video telematics. Through its comprehensive solution and a "no-code" approach, RideView empowers you to seamlessly integrate and deploy advanced video telematics in just 3 weeks – drastically reducing time to market and allowing you to capture a larger market share.

Edge AI
Faster time to market
Hardware Agnostic
End-to-end solution
No channel conflict
Innovation meets Intuition

Alert drivers for risky driving and prevent bad outcomes.

The most efficient edge AI in the world makes it possible to have AI analysing road and driver facing cameras for risky driving behaviour, even on commodity hardware. In-cabin coaching and alerts can be given for a wide range of risky behaviours while keeping the camera costs under control.

Dramatically reduce time to market from quarters and months to just weeks!

Being an end-to-end video telematics offering, RideView provides everything needed to launch a solution in the market – installer and driver apps, rebranded portal and master portal for TSPs to manage the solution. RideView is the first no-code video telematics platform that can be integrated with any telematics platform.

Providing TSPs and fleets with a choice of dashcams.

Fleets serve different verticals, are of different sizes operating in different markets - one size does not fit all. RideView is available on multiple dash cameras across price points - no matter the camera, it is the same UX, same backend, same dashboard and same APIs.

TSPs can offer cameras that work the best for their markets and their customer segments - check out the choice of cameras. LightMetrics offers fulfillment services in select markets for making it easy for TSPs to offer video telematics.

From the edge to the cloud – one stop shop for all software.

All software for video telematics – AI/ML, camera application, FOTA, diagnostics, cloud, dashboard and mobile apps are done in-house. From a support perspective, this gives peace of mind to enterprises adopting RideView. This also means a very short time to market for new innovations and features for fleets and TSPs.

The most popular video telematics platform among large TSPs.

TSPs and OEMs adopting RideView will have no channel conflict with LightMetrics – LightMetrics is focused on enabling partners to deliver an integrated video telematics + vehicle telematics experience to fleets. Fleets have an integrated view of vehicle and video telematics. Innovation is not only fleets centric, but also partner centric – ease of installation, diagnostics, optimization for savings, etc.

Innovating to create value for fleets and TSP partners.

The team behind RideView is constantly working to deliver more value to fleets and TSPs alike – improving AI models constantly, adding workflows that improve productivity, new APIs, improving diagnostics and observability for TSPs, etc. Delivering value with an improved UX is a constant endeavor.

Edge AI
Faster time to market
Hardware Agnostic
End-to-end solution
No channel conflict
Innovation meets Intuition

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