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LightMetrics Advanced Video Telematics Solutions

Built for Telematics Service Providers who want to provide video telematics and dash cameras for their fleets.

Group 1060

On-demand video

Access video on demand to exonerate drivers and protect the fleet

Group 1061

In-cab coaching

Real time AI on road and driver facing cameras to detect risky situations and alert drivers to prevent accidents

Group 1062

Intuitive workflows

Easy to use solution with workflows for exoneration, understanding risky driving behaviors, driver coaching, camera health, data usage, etc.

LightMetrics Inc - RideView Platform - Mobile And Desktop View

RideView video telematics makes commercial fleets safer and more efficient. Using extremely efficient neural net inference algorithms and affordable hardware, LightMetrics makes the benefits of AI on the edge and in-cab coaching for drivers more accessible to fleets globally. Video on-demand for driver exoneration helps fleet managers protect their drivers and the business from fraudulent claims. In-cab coaching for risky driving behaviors makes drivers more self-aware and driver coaching workflows help fleet managers make the fleet safer over time.

RideView provides the flexibility of hardware options across price points and capabilities, all powered by the same backend thus making for a consistent UX that is easy to support from an engineering and customer success point of view.

RideView provides for a “no code” approach to launching a rebranded video telematics solution in a matter of weeks. For enterprises that want to do a deeper integration within their own telematics offering, REST APIs can be used to pull the relevant analytics and insights.


RideView helps you meet the needs of all fleet customers – across sizes and verticals. Use one platform to integrate and deploy advanced video solutions for every segment.
Group 1046

Multiple hardware

Group 1048

Rich APIs
for differentiation

Group 1047

Increase ARPU,
improve retention

Group 1049

No-code deployment
in weeks

Supported Dash Cams

Slide New Layer Powerful dual-camera solution with LTE (T-Mobile certified) and integrated telematics hardware. SmartCam by Micronet Slide New Layer Powerful and compact dual-camera solution with LTE (AT&T and Verizon certified) and integrated telematics hardware. Gemini K245 by Mitac Slide New Layer Road-facing only variant of the K245. LTE (AT&T and Verizon certified) and integrated telematics hardware. Gemini K145 by Mitac Slide New Layer Economical dual-camera solution with LTE, compute and storage. Driver/external camera as optional accessory. JC400 by Jimi IoT Slide New Layer Economical dual-camera solution with LTE, compute and storage. All-in-one variant of JC400 with driver camera built in. JC400P by Jimi IoT Slide New Layer Affordable Wi-Fi dash cam that works with RideView on smartphones and tablets. Ridecam - powered by Zone Defense Slide Your own device New Layer Integrate the RideView device SDK on a dash cam of choice, enabling hardware differentiation.
Trusted fleets secured by RideView.
Reduction in critical incidents in first month.
Months to revenue realisation, increased ARPU.

Enterprises on RideView

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