5 Reasons You Cannot Say No To Video-safety Anymore

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5 reasons you cannot say no to video-safety anymore

Video safety solutions have long been the preserve of big fleets, but with improvements in technology and availability of cost-effective hardware options, it is now viable for a wide variety of fleets to adopt. Some of the reasons why video safety is important and cannot be ignored anymore:

1. Effective driver coaching

Drivers are the life blood of any fleet, and many are not aware that some of the maneuvers that they perform can result in dangerous consequences. Constant monitoring and feedback enables drivers to improve their skills and keep themselves safe and efficient.

2. Exoneration and claim establishment

Roads are dangerous and for a truck it is much more so. In many of the accidents involving a commercial vehicle, the driver of the commercial vehicle is held liable by default. This bias is ingrained throughout and can be only circumvented with actual video proof of the events on the road. Video safety programs were started by some of the big trucking companies solely for this purpose.

3. Improved work conditions

Many commercial vehicle drivers are putting in more time than they used to a decade earlier. The increased time is going to put the drivers at higher risk as factors of fatigue and stress set in. This has seen an increase in the number of truck driver deaths over the last 5 years. Constant notifications and alerts from automated analysis of video will help in making the driver alert to his surroundings.

4. Operational efficiencies and quick ROI

Studies have shown that defensive driving can result in fuel efficiency savings of upto 40%, apart from the reduced risk of accidents and downtime. Video safety systems which provide advanced analytics to track the nuances of driving habits, are critical in driving these kind of operational savings.

5. Make roads safer for everyone

No other solution provides the context around driving like a video safety system does. Advanced analytics can discern what caused a certain maneuver – e.g. whether a harsh braking incident happened because of tailgating, or due to an animal coming in front of the vehicle suddenly. Overall, video safety entails more safety for everyone on the road, as alerts help the driver to be more aware of his surroundings.

LightMetrics’ advanced video safety systems enable a fleet to achieve all the above advantages in a cost effective manner. The RideView SDK can be integrated into any platform, to convert an existing  camera solution into a more advanced video-safety system with automated video analytics. For more information, contact info@lightmetrics.co

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