Offsite 2023 Recap : A weekend of forging deeper bonds and unforgettable fun!

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve transitioned to remote work and our team has doubled in size!

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve transitioned to remote work and our team has doubled in size! While we enjoy the many benefits remote work offers, we surely miss the serendipity, spontaneity and camaraderie that we took for granted with in-person interaction.

To keep the team spirit alive, we gather at the office for a week every quarter. But this time, we decided to shake things up and organised an epic offsite at a beautiful beachfront golf resort in South Goa, India. Picture this: serene ocean views, lots of greenery, spectacular sunshine amidst the monsoon rain and the entire team coming together to collaborate, bond and have a blast outside our usual work setting.

Embracing the Infinite Game

Our offsite weekend kicked off with Soumik, our CEO addressing everyone. He had us thinking about rainbows. Like rainbows, the journey has no end, just a beautiful circle from a higher perspective. Our mission at LightMetrics is nothing short of bold and audacious – we’re on a mission to make roads safer for everyone, everywhere. And in this infinite game, we know we’re just temporary shepherds of a vision that’ll go beyond our time.

Here’s the secret sauce – it is all about the team. We take pride in pursuing excellence is whatever we do and forging strong partnerships that results in fostering an awesome work culture. We’re like a unified force – no individual deliverables here, just success together!

Our hearts melted when we watched a heartwarming video from one of our partners – telling us how much they valued the partnership and how excited they were about the future, working with us. This fired up everyone – igniting our motivation to reach even greater heights in this infinite game we’ve embraced.

Our CEO, Soumik Ukil, illustrates how LightMetrics embraces an infinite game using the analogy of a rainbow

Engaging Ice-Breakers and Team-Building Activities

Our offsite organising team really outdid themselves with a lineup of super enjoyable ice-breakers and activities that had us laughing, connecting, and forming unbreakable bonds!

We had some amazing laugh-out-loud moments! From the classic pass-the-ball game to heart-to-heart moments of vulnerability, we got to know each other on a whole new level! We tackled amusing number games, and the balloon and cup challenge had us on the edge of our seats. It was indeed team spirit on fire! These activities brought us even closer, creating a work environment where collaboration and harmony are the name of the game!

Capturing the Thrills: An Exciting Team Game in Full Swing

Casual Conversations and Memorable Experiences

Undoubtedly, the highlight of our offsite experience revolved around the enriching conversations and the meaningful connections. We engaged in genuine face-to-face interactions – no Zoom or Google Meet but good old-fashioned conversations.

We never ate alone! We huddled together, laughing, sharing stories, and savouring scrumptious food. It was like a big family feast, and we loved every moment of it!

These intimate moments brought us closer than ever, forming bonds that go way beyond work.

Nourishing Connections: Teammates Bonding Over Lunchtime Conversations

Rain or Shine, we rocked it !

We owned the unpredictable monsoon weather at the beach and pool during our offsite – no rain could dampen our spirits! We embraced every moment and turned it into an unforgettable experience! We connected on a whole new level, building trust and empathy like never before.

Sandy Toes and Endless Fun: Joyful Moments at the Beach

Together, We Thrive

Apart from fun, bonding and endless conversations, our offsite was also about the journey ahead. We brainstormed together, talked about what can be done better, what’s already working well. This session went on for much longer than planned, showing how deeply everyone cares about LightMetrics! The ideas and insights we gathered were incredibly valuable!

Our offsite in South Goa was an unforgettable experience for the team – an experience that will endure for long! The discussions were priceless, sparking brilliant ideas that will help us take LightMetrics to the next level. The offsite experience reminded everyone of what we missed in the remote world. Together, we at LightMetrics are an unstoppable force, on the lofty mission to make roads safer for everyone, everywhere.