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Our world-class team brings a varied skill-set, uniquely relevant to the task of bringing advanced video telematics to the mainstream - camera technology, embedded computer vision, AI, systems programming and web development, among others. On this journey of creation and innovation, respect for divergent views, while making sure the team always wins, has been a foundational belief.

As we have grown, we have sought to create a culture where talent can flourish and grow, without fear of failure. With an emphasis on continuous learning and development, we have been amazed by the magic that happens when hard problems meet motivated and persistent teams.


Mask Group 5
Soumik Ukil
Mask Group 6
Ravi Shenoy
Mask Group 7
Mithun Uliyar
Head - Computer Vision and AI
Group 4925
Gururaj Putraya
Head - Systems Software
Mask Group 9
Pushkar Patwardhan
Head - Backend and Analytics
Mask Group 8
Krishna A.G.
Head - Product and Marketing


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