ELD Mandate – Obligation or Opportunity?

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ELD Mandate – Obligation or Opportunity?

FMCSA mandating the use of electronic logging devices (ELD) to track, manage and share records of duty status (RODS) data has the transportation industry in a rush to be compliant before the December 2017 deadline.

In this mad rush towards complying with the ELD mandate, some of the opportunities that this opens for both fleets and telematics service providers can get overlooked. One of key features of the mandate is that smartphones, tablets and rugged handhelds can be used if the system meets ELD requirements, including a direct connection to the truck’s engine. When viewed in the light of the fact that modern smartphones and tablets are powerful computing devices laden with sensors, several interesting use-cases come to the fore.

Advanced-Driver-Assistance-Systems (ADAS), or the use of visual analytics to warn drivers of impending accidents, has long been the sole forte of auto OEM’s. In the limited instances where it is available through aftermarket devices, the cost of hardware and installation have made it unaffordable for a vast majority of fleets. What is not up for debate though are the benefits of such systems, from reduced accidents and lower operating costs to better insurance premiums.

LightMetrics’ RideCam solution leverages an existing smartphone or tablet to bring the significant benefits of advanced visual analytics to fleet operations. By pairing with an inexpensive WiFi enabled camera, the smartphone or tablet is used as a computing device running the RideView SDK for :

  • Real-time driver notifications, warning against impending accidents due to tailgating, lane drifts and more.

  • Automated event video capture for analysis and training by fleets, and for insurance claim management in the case of accidents.

  • Video capture based on triggers from the engine data (e.g. through OBD devices).

The ELD mandate is upon us, and when viewed in the above light, is a vast opportunity waiting to be tapped. Please reach out to us at info@lightmetrics.co for more information on how your ELD solution can do double-duty as a cutting-edge video safety system.

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