Reduce Accidents By A Third By Ensuring Compliance Against Posted Speed Limits

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Reduce accidents by a third by ensuring compliance against posted speed limits

In 2012, NHTSA estimated that the annual cost of speeding-related crashes was $40.4Billion, with speeding contributing to one in three accidents and claiming 10,219 lives. These statistics clearly show that a fleet vehicle over speeding is probably the biggest worry when it comes to driving behavior. Most fleet management tools provide real time alerts whenever a vehicle crosses a pre-set upper speed limit. Monitoring speeding against posted speed limits is essential, as in many cases the posted speed limit will be lower than the set upper speed limit. Not being able to track speeding at a granular level means a higher chance of the driver receiving a ticket from law enforcement, and a greater chance of being involved in an incident that can inflict heavy costs, damages and increases in insurance rates.

Monitoring speeding against posted speed limits is a critical feature for every fleet manager, especially in real-time as an on-board coaching tool. Most modern dash cameras do nothing more than record the view from the vehicle. These are typically used to record accidents and establish liability in case an accident occurs. Some dash-cameras are tied into “black box” fleet management technology which stores video data, but the reality is that very few utilize real-time, speed sign recognition technology.

Safety Programs today are built around post facto analyzing trip data on how the driver performed compared to company standards. For the most part, commercial truck drivers “self-monitor” their actions and sometimes, the outcome is not positive because of the pressure from companies to stick to schedules and make their deliveries. This can often require the driver to “push” the posted speed limits to stay on schedule, which can result in speeding tickets or accidents.

LightMetrics’ RideView and RideCam technology offers real-time speed monitoring against posted speed limits, which can be used as a stand-alone safety solution, or can be bundled with an existing fleet management or video based safety solution.  Contact for more information.

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