Video-safety: Now within reach of all fleets

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Video-safety: Now within reach of all fleets


Video safety has been the privy of the largest fleets who can afford the investment, and it is mostly they alone who are reaping the many benefits. Starting from driver exoneration in not-at-fault incidents to ADAS warnings and driver coaching to improve driving behaviour, the benefits are many and undisputed.

For society at large to reap benefits of this technology, however, it has to be widely adopted by fleets of all sizes. Democratizing video safety is the need of the hour.

With the upcoming ELD mandate, more and more telematics companies are using a tablet or a smartphone app to connect to the vehicle to compute hours of service automatically and comply with regulations. What if the smartphone or the tablet in the vehicle could be leveraged to provide the benefits of video safety as well?

RideCam™ (powered by Zone Defense®) is a new video safety solution that consists of an affordable forward-facing IP camera that pairs with the tablet/smartphone in the vehicle running the RideView™ SDK.

Benefits include:

  • Real time ADAS warnings to help the driver stay safe

  • Video for driver exoneration in not-at-fault incidents

  • Event videos that help in driver coaching and improvement

  • Identifying risky habits followed by timely intervention, averting expensive incidents

Visit us at booth S273 in TU Automotive Detroit 2017 on June 7 and June 8 for more details, or contact for free access to our smartphone demo app to experience the technology first hand.

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