Video Telematics – Surveillance or Assistance?

The use of video to capture and analyze human activity has exploded in recent years.

Webhooks and Real-time Trip Updates

As an advanced video telematics platform powering the solutions of leading global Telematics Service Providers

What we talk about when we talk about hiring

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Video Telematics – A Complete Guide

Fleet telematics has been traditionally used to track the location of any vehicle, and other

Why SmartCam – Key Benefits for Fleets and TSPs

LightMetrics has ML and AI in its DNA, it is never an afterthought for us.

LightMetrics – Deep tech, across the stack

The overarching vision of LightMetrics has been to make the benefits of AI-driven driver safety

Video as an integrated solution, not an afterthought

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Video-safety: Now within reach of all fleets

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Looking back, Looking ahead

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The Wisdom Of The Connected Crowd

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Reduce Accidents By A Third By Ensuring Compliance Against Posted Speed Limits

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