5 Ways Safer Driving Benefits Fleets

Drivers are at the heart of fleet operations. Everything they do impacts the business in a direct way. How safely they drive is the most impactful. Making safe driving a company culture can be hard, but it is worth the effort.

November 25, 2022
3 Steps to Get More Driver Buy-Ins on Dash Cams

As a business operating a fleet of vehicles, drivers and their performance has a huge bearing on efficient fleet management. Therefore, recruiting good drivers and retaining them is a top priority for fleets.

November 16, 2022
Tackling The Menace of Cell Phone Distraction

In the first video, the driver is continually looking down. In the second video, the driver is looking at something on the phone while driving. In the third video, the driver is glancing down repeatedly. In the fourth video, the driver is talking on the phone.

October 11, 2022
How Video Telematics Enhances Safety on the Roads

In 2020, 4842 trucks were involved in fatal crashes. With ever-increasing payouts and nuclear verdicts, improving safety and avoiding road accidents is more crucial for fleets from an operational, financial, and reputation point of view than ever before.

September 21, 2022
Camera Health 2.0: The Secret to Scaling Video Telematics Successfully

Video telematics market is in a great place right now – there is a lot of demand from fleets and as in any great market, fleets have a lot of choice. Telematics service providers (TSPs) who have integrated video in their offerings are the best placed to make the most of this demand as fleets appreciate having all the insights and information they need in one place.

August 18, 2022
Fleets and Dash Cams – 5 Benefits of Video Telematics

Modern society is heavily dependent on the trucking industry – 70% of freight moved in the US is done by trucks! According to the USA Bureau of Transportation, 80% of communities depend on trucking for the supply of their daily needs. Construction, hospitals, gas stations, private industries, the food sector, and much more rely heavily on trucks. While trucking has adopted modern technology to manage their operations better and more efficiently, the process has been slow.

July 27, 2022