21 Jun
Reducing work zone accidents
Reducing Work Zone Accidents
Category: Fleet Safety, RideView Growth, Sp...
Work zone accidents are highly avoidable and preventable, and despite that, the number of fatalities in work zone-related accidents has been on the rise. In 2018, trucks contrib...
27 Jul
Fleets and Dash cams - 5 benefits of video telematics
Fleets and Dash Cams – 5 Benefits of Video Telematics
Category: Fleet Safety, Video Telematics
Modern society is heavily dependent on the trucking industry – 70% of freight moved in the US is done by trucks! According to the USA Bureau of Transportation, 80% of communitie...
19 Jan
RideView Goes Global
Category: Video Telematics
The growth of RideView as a platform has closely mirrored the increasing maturity of video telematics in the North American market over the previous 5 years – from Wi-Fi d...
12 Jan
Evolution Of Video Telematics: What To Expect In 2022? Blog Banner
Evolution Of Video Telematics: What To Expect In 2022?
Category: Video Telematics
Video telematics is forecast to grow at a 16.6% CAGR in the North American region alone in the coming years (Berg’s Insight). Video telematics is one of those truly rare occurre...
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